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Reaching People Environment Fund

East Goscote Parish Council was successful in obtaining £2000 grant funding from the Reaching People Environment Fund an ecological appraisal of council owned land and organise various engagement activities for members of the public.

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Information to support the application bid was taken from a pilot project in collaboration with the Sustainable Land Trust. The outcome of that project can be found here: Community Natural Capital Map

The ecological appraisal was completed by Dr Helen O’Brien, and approved by the Full Council at its meeting on 15th January 2024. This can be viewed here: Wildlife Audit

The Council is now considering actions following the audit, and possible funding options to carry these out.

As part of the funding, the Council has organised 2 Guided Walks, with a third planned for 2024, as well as a Homes for Hibernators Event, and mapping where hedgehogs have been spotted.

Please see the feedback and photos here:

Guided Walks

Homes for Hibernators

Hedgehog Street Project