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Policies & Procedures

Standing Orders (Revised June 2024)

Councillors and Officers of the Council must at all times ensure that they conduct themselves and carry out their duties in a way that protects the interests and reputation of the Council. More information is in this full document which was reviewed in June 2024.

Action Plan (Status as at June 2024)

Code of Conduct (adopted June 2022)

This new code was adopted in June 2022 for all East Goscote Parish Councillors.

The New Good Councillors Guide 2024

This guide introduces the work of town and parish councils and the part Councillors play in the first tier of local government closest to the people.

Model Publication Scheme (Further council information)

It is a duty for parishes, under the Freedom of Information Act, to publish information for members of the public. This Parish Council adopted the Model Publication Scheme at it’s meeting held on 12th November 2008 and it was reviewed and updated on 20th May 2015.

We are committed to making information available to the public as part of our normal business activities.