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Mowing Contract

East Goscote Parish Council began aiming to enhance biodiversity in 2021, including vital pollinators and the wildflowers on which they depend on by carrying out small scale trials by reducing the mowing schedule on the Mound. Please see the leaflet which was delivered in October 2021 to the houses that surround the Mound here: Mound Leaflet 2021

The mowing contract for 2024 was reviewed at the Full Council Meeting on 15th January, taking into consideration recommendations from the Wildlife Audit, and can be viewed here: Mowing Schedule

For 2024, small scale reduced mowing trials are taking place in areas 5 and 6a:

  • Area 5 – The Meadows – reduced to 7 cuts, with bluebells planted and further seeding to take place in the Autumn.
  • Area 6a – Lilac Way – monitor the area with 7 cuts for the year.
Mowing Schedule Map 2024

The grass cutting and weed spraying schedules for County Council owned land, can be found on Leicestershire County Council’s website: Grass cutting | Leicestershire County Council