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Bulb / Seed Planting in East Goscote

The Council have a budget of £100 per year to spend on bulbs and seeds, unless we manage to secure grant funding from elsewhere.

Wildlife Verge

A £300 grant was received to work on the Wildlife Verge along by the brook in 2021/2022 following consultation with our residents in October 2020.

  • This funding was used to scarify the area and plant £164 worth of yellow rattle seeds.
  • The yellow rattle was also planted in the corners of the jubilee playing fields and other areas around the village.

In March/April 2023 £65.00 worth of plug plants, as suggested by the survey recommendations, were also planted into the verge to help increase diversity – Black knapweed, Oxeye Daisy and Lady’s Bedstraw.

In October 2023 a further £56 was spent seeding the verge with a tall herb mix (N2F) following recommendations from our ecologist.

Village Green

With the help of the local Rainbows group, Daffodils were planted in the shape of a crown on our Village Green in October 2022 , at a cost of £26.00.

The Meadows

In December 2023 100 bluebells were planted at the Meadows at a cost of £30.